Nov 25, 2010 Takka released new ISO Tool ( ISO Tool ver. 1.92) : PSP Homebrew Application

Takka has released another update for his ISO Tool : ISO Tool ver 1.92 since he released ISO Tool ver. 1.91 a week ago. Nothing much. I just found a minor changes from this update and it should be that way and you also should realize it too. Perhaps, there is something important that we also don't realize about this update. So, just get one and figure out by yourself. For those who are still have no idea about this tool, ISO Tool will allow you to patch  Eboot.bin (Binaries required to boot a UMD/ISO) on your PSP ISO then make the ISO compatible with Custom Firmware. Besides that, this application also will help you to ripp your UMD's, convert your ISO to CSO or vice versa and much more. This latest released of Iso Tool also support to patch the new EBOOT and .prx which is Prometheus.

ISO Tool 1.92 updates
  • [NEW] pspdecrypt.prx shipped a replacement with the latest
  • [NEW] flash0 writing to you to be able to order without prx, flash0_w.prx removal
  • [NEW] Little Busters! (ULJM-05789) for installation media

For your information, I'm just figured out about 'Little Busters! (ULJM-05789) for installation media'. I can see, this update is really useful for those who want to play a new released Japanese game, Little Busters! Converted Edition. This game comes with two discs and it requires installation of the Memory Stick if the player wants to continue with DISC2. This installation process significantly reduces disk access, and gives more comfortable while playing the game!


This application (some functions) maybe can cause PSP 3000 or PSP 2000 (TAv088v3 brick,
so please use it with cautions.

Installation Guide

Step 1

1) Extract iso_tool ver1.92

2) Copy iso_tool folder and paste it right into the root of memory stick>> PSP>> GAME>> ....

If you have problem on where to paste this folder, please refer to the Guide on how to install application provided.(Installation Guide)

Step 2

On your PSP XMB>> Games>> Memory Stick>>  Iso Tool ver 1.91


If you need a guide on how to use Iso Tool, you can 
refer the guide that I have provided

[Click HERE for guide on how to use iso tool]


PSP 3000 and PSP 2000 TA088v3: Better careful with this function.

5.50 Gen users: You're able to undo your current CFW into 5.50 Gen D2

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